"I LOVE THIS PLACE!! Unbelievable service and great teachers. I come all the way from Stamford because it is worth it!! My son improved greatly in just two weeks.   I have tried many studios/teachers and was about to give up until I found this place. My son now looks forward to his lessons and enjoys them. Great experience and highly recommend!"

"It's a very positive environment. Everybody has a lot of enthusiasm about the instruments they're playing."

what our clients think

"My 8 year old son loves taking lessons at Sharps and Flats with Joanne Galli. After a year of lessons he is playing the piano beautifully, and looks forward to his lessons each week. Mrs. Galli is patient, encouraging and talented; and she teaches in a way that my son easily relates to."

Ridgefield's Premier Music Conservatory

Sharps & Flats

"Our daughter has truly loved taking piano lessons at Sharps and Flats for the past three years.  She has learned so much and grown in her musical abilities in tremendous ways.  We love all of the staff there and are excited for our daughter to continue growing and learning at Sharps and Flats. It is a simply a wonderful studio with fabulous teachers."

"Our daughter has made tremendous progress in the five years she has had lessons from Joanne."

"We have had incredible success with several different teachers of different instruments for over 5 years now at Sharps and Flats. The staff, (Alexa and Joanne) have always paired our children up with the best match for their personalities and abilities. Additionally, they have taken into consideration their changes in musical growth throughout their development and rematched them to new teachers as necessary. The studio is clean and spacious, providing students with a comfortable setting to hone their musical skills. All in all, we have been incredibly happy with our experiences at Sharps and Flats and continue to recommend it as Ridgefield's premier studio for private musical instruction."

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